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 COVID-19 Travel Accessories

Covid-19  is indisputably the word of the year 2020 !

Truth is it does not seem to be fading out any time soon. It is pragmatic to accept this new reality and adjust to the challenges it poses especially as restrictions are loosened and we set out to travel again.. Sure the pandemic  is changing  how we travel. New travel protocols, etiquettes, concerns and much more -notwithstanding   new aspects that may arise as we learn more about how the virus behaves,

Affordable Travel Gear identified a couple of essential perhaps must-have travel accessories on any trip in today’s corona-virus world. There Corona virus travel accessories  list does not exclude other essential travel items and precautions which should generally be considered when travelling.

COVID-19 Travel Accessories

  1. Masks. This is a no brainier! Who would have thought Europe, North America and several other parts of the world would become masked like the prevalent scenes often seen pre- COVID often only in Asian countries. The mask is now part of our essential travel itineraries. Perhaps even indefinitely into the future. Make sure it is worn properly,  it covers your nose and mouth and carry a few spares.                                                                                             => YOU CAN ORDER YOUR MASKS ONLINE HERE
  1. Hand sanitizer, gloves and disinfectant wipes Hand sanitizers with up to 60-70 percent alcohol /isopropyl alcohol are acceptable quick virus destroying solutions applicable on surfaces and often touched objects as well.. The TSA now allows up to 12 ounces of liquid hand sanitizer in carry-on bags. Bleach-based or hydrogen-peroxide based cleaners are possible alternatives.                       .=> AFFORDABLE HAND SANITIZERS
  1. First -AID Kit including Contact-less Thermometers.This speaks for itself. With fever being one of the common symptoms of  COVID patients a Fever thermometer preferably non-contact thermometer might be useful in monitoring possible infection cases                  .=> ONLINE INFRA-RED CONTACT-LESS THERMOMETERS                                        
  2. Travel Mug; while one might assume cups and glasses at Restaurants or holiday resorts are clean and safe to use . It might convey a greater sense of comfort to have your own personal mug around while traveling -that way you know that you're the only one who has used or touched it.                                                             => YOU CAN ORDER YOUR  COFFEE MUG HERE    
  3.  Pillows and blankets .These might not  be provided on many airlines any longer.. Blankets or bedspreads might not always be routinely washed or changed at hostels and even some hotels. That's why bringing a travel-friendly blanket with you is a smart choice.                                                                             =>GET YOUR TRAVEL PILLOW OR BLANKET HERE                 
  4.  Digital pulse-oximeter Another useful device to consider. These devices although not always accurate  depending on how it is used, give an approximate reading of the saturation of oxygen in the blood i.e. indirect well-being of the lungs. CAVE: this reading might be false in Carbon mono-oxide poisoning.                                =>GET YOUR FIRST AID KIT OR THERMOMETER HERE


Finally  remember to practice social distancing as well as general healthy body well-being habits whenever possible, rest well, eat well , drink lots of fluids,  sleep well and avoid excessive alcohol consumption and other drugs in general all in an effort to boost your immune system and make you less susceptible.

COVID-19 Travel Accessories

Most importantly do not let your spirit down ! Stay upbeat ! The human race has stood strong  and has been  victorious  during several other pandemics.

ALSO read  COVID-19 Summary points and Recommendations by Dr. Marcopera.-Medical Correspondent Affordable Travel Gear


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